Remington FuzzAway RTFS-2CDN
Brand New Includes One Year Warranty

Product Details

The Remington RTFS-2CDN fuzz away fabric shaver is a great little device that helps you aim for elegance and keeps your garments flawless and looking like new. The fabric shaver is conveniently sized to travel with you in a purse or suitcase.

You can remove pills, threads and fuzz from sweaters, pants, skirts, socks, blankets, furniture, drapes, carpet, car upholstery and other fabrics. The Remington RTFS-2CDN is lightweight and easy to use with a removable storage compartment.

RTFS-2CDN Features:
  • Fabric Shaver
  • Removes Lint, Fuzz, & Pills
  • Keeps Clothes & Fabrics Looking Like New
  • Great for Sweaters, Pants, & Other Fabrics
  • Removeable Foil, Cutter &: Storage Compartment for Easy Cleaning