Remington NE3845A
Brand New

Product Details

The Remington NE3845A ear, nose and brow trimmer which safely and easily removes unwanted hair from nose and ears. The Remington NE3845A is safer, faster and easier than scissors and features the exclusive washout system CLEANBoost Technology. Just press the CLEANBoost button to open the blades and wash them from the inside out to maintain peak performance. The included rotary trimmer has a skin-friendly design that gently trims nose and ear hair. This trimmer is perfect on sideburns, eyebrows, ears, and nose. The included eyebrow comb makes it easy to evenly trim your eyebrows.

The Remington NE3845A has exclusive 2 trimming attachments, i.e. Vertical trimmer and rotary trimmer that safely removes hair with no nicks or cuts. In or out of the shower, this battery-operated trimmer quickly and comfortably removes unwanted hair using ComfortTrim Dual-Sided Blades.

NE3845A Features:

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