Remington R95
Brand New Includes Two Year Warranty

Product Details

The Remington R95 is a dual flex rotary travel shaver that features dual track shaving heads and two independent floating heads which is adjustable to the contours of the face. The dual track surgical steel blades of R95 shaver gives strong, long lasting, and durable cutting power. Plus, the R95 cordless shaver has a charging LED indicator whereas its compact design makes it great for use at home, work and gym.

R95 Features:
The Remington R95 has lots of exciting features for all customers. PremiumStore also offers a wide range of accessories for the Remington R95 like Cleaning Brush, Pre-Shave Powder Stick, and Shaver Lubricant. PremiumStore sells the Remington R95 as a Brand New item. These are just a few of the reasons to buy a Remington R95 from PremiumStore today!